SMARTboard in the Elementary Classroom

SMARTboard in the Elementary Classroom
Date: July 22, 2010
Presenter: Patty Fitzgerald
Room: L07

Welcome to SMARTboard In the Elementary Classroom. Today you will be shown various ways the SMARTboard can be integrated into the Elementary curriculum. You will be given a list of resources and valuable time to explore those resources and begin to create lessons.
While we wait for everyone to sign in would you please navigate to (it can be found on the wsd website for teachers).
Scroll down and click on this course title:
"SMARTboard in the Elementary Classroom"
We will be working with direct links from this page.

  • Introduction please state your name, school, grade you teach, and one reason you decided to take this course.
  • Wallwisher Activity click on WallWisher and answer the question posted.
  • Thinking About the SMARTboard as a Teaching Tool here are some samples of how I have used the SMARTboard in my teaching.
  • Exploring in Small Groups "Group Generator" you will be assigned to explore various SMARTboard sites and present your findings.
  • Creating/Sharing/Interacting Time to use use your time wisely. Feel free to collaborate on activities, prepare a lesson yourself, research the resources provided.
  • Sharing Examples and Resources Anyone like to share some thoughts, lessons, ideas, etc.
  • Survey Please take a few moments to answer a brief survey on today's presentation. Click on Polldaddy to get to the survey
  • Wrap-Up Let's look back at our Wallwisher, Did we answer the questions posted? Do you have anymore questions?
Thank You Thank you for coming and enjoy the rest of your summer!