Moodle for Beginners
Date: July 22, 2009
Presenter: Colleen Meulstee
Room: L01


Participants will be given the opportunity to explore a working Moodle site, and gather ideas (from their peers & presenter) for their own Moodle creation. Each participant will have ample time to develop their own Moodle site with the assistance of the presenter.

Wikispace future refresher....get set up!

1. Go to the following website:
2. Create an account with a real email address & password
3. Login yourself in! :)

Time for Moodle!

Quick Overview:

How does this apply to me?



1. Parent Information
homework posted, important dates, upcoming events, reminders
2. Forums
book clubs, student/teacher feedback on topics
3. Storage
completed student work posted, teacher notes
4. Review/Quiz/Test
get to know your teacher quiz, unit quiz/test (with scoring!)
5. Time Efficiency
websites, resources, activities all in one location
6. Shared Teacher Resources

*choose Shady Grove
*choose Moodle Resources: Shady Grove
key: lessons

EXPLORE: Check out a 5th Grade Moodle Site:

  • Something to think about:
    • How you can I modify what I see to fit my own classroom needs!

  1. Choose: Shady Grove
  2. Choose: Mrs. Meulstee's Moodle *2008-2009* (course code: SG143)

How do I get started?


  2. What do these buttons mean?

  3. Changing views...

  4. Add a resource versus Add an activity

    1. Don't forget to make folders for documents you are uploading to the Moodle!

*Trouble Shooting Reminders:
  • When you want to upload an imovie, be sure to "share" it as a Quicktime file, then load it!
  • When creating a database, be sure to DEFINE THE FIELD & CHOOSE A TEMPLATE or your participants will not be able to upload their files.


At this point in time, you need to set up accounts for the students who will be utilizing your course. To do so, please fill out the form attached here & email it to the name on the bottom of the form.

*Please create the user name as the last two digits of the graduation year, first initial, last name.
Example: For Sam Thomas who will graduate in 2022, the user name would be: 22sthomas

For the Future:

On your own time, you may want to explore this quality resource for Moodle users:

After you have set up your own Moodle, you may be nervous at first about switching it around & testing out new tools. Here is a place where you can practice your new Moodle skills without the worry:

When you are ready for more advanced Moodle techniques, you can also check out Sandie Swanger's Moodle (about Moodle):

*If you need to contact me in the future:



When you return to your classrooms, please continue to work on your Moodle site. After you have made some progress, please post either a brief statement of what you have done OR a link your Moodle site to the Ning. Good luck with the school year!